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Fortunately, it doesn't get super-cold in Texas, but the winter months do bring predictable chill and wind, especially in January.  This month brings the coldest annual temperatures to this part of the state.  When lows hover in the mid-30's, it's not a good time to experience furnace issues.  If you do, however, Jeremiah Heating & Cooling is at your service!

At Jeremiah Heating & Cooling, Keller homeowners can count on our insured and fully-licensed HVAC technicians to address everything from clogged furnace filters to furnace installations and everything in-between.

Furnace Installation Requires Calling In the Experts

Installing a new furnace is an undertaking that should be strictly reserved for only those who possess an in-depth understanding of this complex process.  It involves everything from sheet-metal work to electrical work and, even, some plumbing skills.

More than anything else, the last thing any Keller family needs is a leak in their natural-gas or oil furnace.  If a furnace installation is not performed by an HVAC specialist, an improperly-tuned furnace can emit very dangerous exhaust.

The furnace-installation process becomes even more detailed if a homeowner switches from a gas furnace to an electric model, or vice versa.  Also, if a furnace is connected to an air-conditioning unit, HVAC professionals must be highly trained to work on refrigeration units.  The furnace system, itself, must be meticulously inspected for possible carbon monoxide leaks and other gas emissions.

We Offer Keller Comprehensive Care

Since 2004, Jeremiah Heating & Cooling has offered its integrity and experience with not only furnace installation, but with other vital services that cater to every type of heating & cooling need.  This includes installing, repairing, troubleshooting, and maintaining 1) air purification systems 2) heat pumps 3) air conditioning systems 4) duct-work, and more.

It would be remiss not to mention that Keller homeowners have access to our readied team, whenever heating and cooling needs arise!  Whether you desire to discuss furnace installation or other matters after hours or on Sundays, just give our team a call to schedule an appointment.  Jeremiah Heating & Cooling offers its 24-hour emergency service.  When you feel desperate, you can replace that feeling with peace-of-mind knowing our crew will address your concern, in a timely manner!

Is It About Furnace Installation or Furnace Repairs?

A good-quality furnace can last 15 to 20 years.  In between your furnace installation and the next 2 decades, however, it is critical your furnace continues to operate efficiently and safely, and that is accomplished via regular check-ups and maintenance.

Your furnace has a language, all its own.  When it makes noises, for example, it could be trying to alert you that a tune-up is all it needs.  At other times, issues could prove to be more pressing.  Give Jeremiah Heating & Cooling a call if you notice:

  • the furnace blowing reduced air, or no air at all – possible clogged filter or other issue
  • the furnace generating unusual noises – rattling/buzzing/humming – possible cracks or leaks
  • higher energy bills – old, under-maintained, or incorrectly-sized furnaces are inefficient
  • excess dust/dander/soot/rust on surfaces – possible outdated filtration system
  • rooms unevenly heated – older furnaces can have difficulty pushing heat, evenly
  • furnace repairs over the past two years have been frequent

The most critical concern regarding a gas furnace – as opposed to an electric furnace – would be carbon monoxide dangers which can occur due to a leak in the system.  We strongly encourage you to have your furnace – especially gas furnace – professionally inspected, annually. 

Whether your furnace issue requires a simple repair or a furnace installation, you can breathe easy knowing Jeremiah Heating & Cooling is at your service to ensure your family's home environment is comfortable and safe, every month of every season!

When it's time to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians, call 817-532-7772 or you can book online through our website – we make it easy!

We Offer Keller Our Award-Winning Recognition

As HVAC and air-purification specialists, Jeremiah Heating & Cooling is very proud to be professionally acknowledged in ways that reflect our commitment to excellence.  Some of our awards include:

Best of HomeAdvisor-2020 Winner – HomeAdvisor states:  “This pro was rated 'The Best of the Best' by HomeAdvisor”.  Our HVAC company, also, received Best of HomeAdvisor-2018 Winner.

Elite Service HomeAdvisor – HomeAdvisor states:  “Homeowners have rated this pro, highly, for superior customer service.”

HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved – HomeAdvisor states:  “This pro has passed the HomeAdvisor screening process.”

HomeAdvisor Top Rated – HomeAdvisor states:  “Homeowners have given this pro an, overall, top rating and would highly recommend them to others.”

HomeAdvisor 100 Reviews – HomeAdvisor states:  “100 homeowners, just like you, have reviewed this pro.”  Our HVAC company offers 140 verified reviews that have generated a 4.8 rating!

BBB Rating of A+ – This highest BBB ranking reflects the BBB's degree of confidence that 1)  our furnace-installation company operates in a trustworthy manner and 2)  our furnace-installation company will make a good-faith effort to resolve any customer concerns with the BBB.

We're, also, on Angie's List.  The bottom line is simple:  Our dedication to offering the best products, the best service, and the best customer care is embedded in our mission and our daily operations.  Keller, we are always here for you!

If Your Furnace is Hurting, Give Us a Call!

Our neighbors in Keller can connect with our veteran-owned company in various ways:

  • Call 817-532-7772 and ask about:  1)  receiving a quote 2)  our 1st Responders/Veteran & Military discounts and 3)  our 0% APR financing
  • Look through our site for additional information regarding furnace installation.
  • Find us on Facebook – we love every 'Like'.

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