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Thank you for spending a moment with Jeremiah Heating & Cooling – known, also, for air purification services!  Families and businesses in Southlake, Fort Worth, Arlington, Keller, and beyond have come to know the undeniable health benefits associated with pure, clean, hygienic indoor air. 

Many of us choose to drink purified, bottled water due to a number of contaminants that exist in many city water systems – the same holds true with choosing to purify the air we breathe.  Unseen pollutants circulate throughout indoor air, and those contaminants can cause increased problems with asthma, bronchitis, allergies, and other respiratory conditions – enter fresh air via our air purification options!

According to the EPA, indoor air quality is, predictably, five times as polluted as outdoor air.  This becomes, especially, true when homes are shut tight during colder months of the year.  Thankfully, stale and contaminated air can be purified into air that is fresh and, virtually, pollution-free.  Reactions to dust mites, pet dander, pollen, disease-causing microbes, mold & mildew and odors can become eliminated.

As a state-licensed and insured air purification company, our professionals offer their unsurpassed expertise with air-purification and air-filtration systems and components – proven to keep indoor spaces maximally comfortable and optimally healthy.

Take a Deep Breath – We Cover It All!

For any heating, cooling, or air-purification needs in Southlake, our professionals address every aspect concerning the health and purity of the air you and your family take in.  Residential and commercial installation, repairs, and maintenance regarding 1) air purification 2) heat pumps 3) air conditioning 4) HVAC systems 5) furnaces and 6) ductwork are our speciality.

Jeremiah Heating & Cooling offers Southlake residents 17 years of expertise and customer care that is second to none.  Our standards for excellence are uncompromising, and our award-winning recognition is testimony to how we stand behind our promises and our principles.

What Is 'Air Purification', Anyway?

Various forms of air-purification systems can include one or more of the following:  a HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter, an ionizer, and ultraviolet light.

HEPA Filters – Through the use of an internal fan, HEPA filters capture microscopic pollutants such as dust, pet dander, allergens, mold spores and some bacteria as well as visible contaminants including smoke and dust.  HEPA filters are highly-effective and can capture 99.97% of microscopic allergens as tiny as 0.3 microns, or smaller.  A human hair is 50-70 microns in diameter/a pollen particle is about 10 microns in diameter/a particle of dust under 10 microns in diameter.

Activated Carbon Filters – As a specially-treated medium, activated carbon filters absorb pollutants and impurities as air is passed through them, via an internal fan.  Odors, vapors and gases – from smoke, cooking, chemicals, paints and other volatile organic compounds – are removed from the air.

Ionizers – Ionizers use no filters.  Instead, negatively-charged ions are released into the air which, literally, latch onto pollutants such as dust, allergens, smoke, and mold spores.  The now-heavy pollutants become too weighty to remain air-borne and fall to the ground – to be vacuumed or wiped away.

Ultra-violet Lights – Pathogens and microorganisms that pass through UV light become annihilated.  UV lights offer germicidal irradiation that, potently, kills airborne bacteria and viruses as well as mold and mildew.  UV lights, also, reduce fungal contamination in air ducts.

Side-note:  Hospitals use UV light to cut the transmission of various superbugs – as reported by The Lancet regarding its trial study.  The Lancet stated that targeted, disease-causing organisms were significantly lowered after adding UV treatments to standard cleaning strategies, in selected hospitals.  This finding is supported by the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health. 

The Invisible Enemies, Linger

Indoor air may seem clean, but pollutants in the form of gases can be ever-present.  Products such as hand sanitizers, laundry detergent, furniture polish, deodorizers, candles, art supplies and, even, chlorinated tap water can release VOCs that can contribute to health issues.

VOCs are emitted as gases from a vast array of solids or liquids.  Concentrations of many VOCs can be up to ten times higher than VOCs found outdoors.  In addition to the above-mentioned products, dry-cleaned clothing, aerosol sprays, and copiers & printers can be VOC contributors, as well – the list goes on.

The good news is, once Southlake homes and businesses incorporate air-purification systems, indoor air pollution begins to dissipate, immediately!  For the elderly, newborns, people with allergies or asthma, and those with upper respiratory conditions, the purest and freshest indoor air is a phone call away at 817-532-7772.  We'll be happy to answer any questions, on the spot.

Our Principles = Your Quality Assurance

As an air purification company serving Southlake and other Texas communities, being recognized for our principles, promises, and transparency is very important to us.  We would like to share some of that coveted recognition.

Best of HomeAdvisor - 2020 Winner – HomeAdvisor states:  “This pro was rated 'The Best of the Best' by HomeAdvisor”.  Our air-purification company, also, received Best of HomeAdvisor - 2018 Winner.

Elite Service HomeAdvisor – HomeAdvisor states:  “Homeowners have rated this pro, highly, for superior customer service.”

HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved – HomeAdvisor states:  “This pro has passed the HomeAdvisor screening process.”

HomeAdvisor Top Rated – HomeAdvisor states:  “Homeowners have given this pro an, overall, top rating and would highly recommend them to others.”

HomeAdvisor 100 Reviews – HomeAdvisor states:  “100 homeowners, just like you, have reviewed this pro.”  Our air-purification company offers 140 verified reviews that have generated a 4.8 rating!

BBB Rating of A+ – This highest BBB ranking reflects the BBB's degree of confidence that 1)  our air-purification company operates in a trustworthy manner and 2)  our air-purification company will make a good-faith effort to resolve any customer concerns with the BBB.

Give Our Team a Call!

Our neighbors in Southlake can connect with our veteran-owned company in various ways:

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Jeremiah Heating & Cooling is available for Southlake patrons, 24/7 – ask us about our 24-hour emergency services.  From air conditioning to heating to air purification and more, you can count on our team to maintain, repair, replace, troubleshoot, or install! 

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Home ADvisor 2018 Winner
Home Advisor 2020 Winner
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